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This is a free downloadable addition to Moneyfulness. It’s my mission to reach at least ten million people and reduce stress about their finances (that's why this is for free). Stress reduction will be realized by improving your mindset, convictions, behavior and emotion when dealing with money, and on the other hand, I will lead you through the jungle of personal finance.

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Everybody can get into a financial crisis.

Don Johnson

Living fast


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Money and Johnny, not the best combination


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Her money went where her mouth was


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What a divorce can do with your money


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Born rich, will she stay rich?


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Yes he had difficult times as well


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About Moneyfulness

72% of all Americans experience stress about their finances. Are you one of them?

No longer be defined by how much money you make any more, you will be defined by what money can do for you.

Moneyfulness is the only place where mindset and behavior on financial matters are combined with the hands-on "how to manage your money".

I will show you how to get more money, how to keep it, how to grow it, how to love it and how to give it away.

People always tell you that money doesn’t bring you happiness. But it brings you something more important, it brings you freedom, free to do whatever you want whenever you want without having to worry about money. And I can tell you when I had no money, when I was working in the factory in my early twenties, I can assure you I had money stress. 


Who is Michael Keet?

My fundamentals are in business and finance. But over the last few years, I attended a lot of training and courses in the personal development area. I'm also a certified mindfulness coach. I realize this is a unique combination.

At the end of 2017, my company was not doing well. In my personal financial behavior, I'm a risk-taker, so I invested everything in my company, and ended up with a $57,500 debt. But surprisingly, it didn't stress me out. I wondered how this was possible.

That was the moment I realized that the lack of stress came from all the mindfulness exercises. Then I invented Moneyfulness.

Let me show you how to LIVE with MONEY!


Learning to LIVE with MONEY.

Money, you either love it or you hate it, but we all need it. Unfortunately, it causes a lot of stress which is unnecessary.

You can have it all. Money - Purpose - Significance - Legacy - Success - a great family - a great everything.

10 % of all revenues will be donated to projects that fight poverty.


Review on Goodreads

Money. A small word that belies the impact on our lives caused by how much of it we have, or worse, do not have. A small word that belies the huge stresses caused by lack of, irregularity of, or just not having enough to live the life you want. What we often don't consider is where we get our beliefs about money from, or how those beliefs may affect our feelings and behaviors around it. We often do not challenge the thoughts we have around money, instead of accepting that this is just how things are meant to be, that we cannot change how things work, that things will never change... But what if we are wrong?
In this groundbreaking new book, Michael Keet introduces us to a new way of looking at an old problem, helping us to identify and challenge our beliefs around money and poverty. Keet suggests that it is our mindset, specifically our attitude to, and beliefs about money, and poverty that need to change, and from this starting point, proceeds to talk us through his system using mindfulness as his guide. We examine our beliefs, using a series of questions to help us identify beliefs we may not have even realised we carry, recognise spending patterns etc before we are reminded that while circumstances change, our ability to control how we feel about money doesn't have to – poverty as a mindset can change.
Moneyfulness is not just a practical approach to getting your finances in order, but about learning to think about money in a way that does not have such negative effects on us. By taking us through his system, step by step, we can learn to minimise the stress we feel around finances, and whilst this cannot change our circumstances, it can have a huge impact on our mental and physical well being – after all, stress is a very well known factor in poor health. We are also talked through how the concept of paying it forward, and how we can help others to help themselves. The advice given is applicable, whether on a personal or professional level, and whilst it may not always be an easy process, it is certainly a worthwhile one. I would heartily recommend not just reading it yourself, but giving it to your children when you are finished.

Rachel Carroll

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10% of all revenue is donated to the charity that fights poverty. Do you want to influence?

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