Toni Braxton money problems

Toni Braxton

The money went where her (lawyers) mouth told it to go.

Toni Braxton was very successful in the nineties. She scored one hit single after another. She made a fortune touring and singing. But there are two things in her life, in her way of living and behaving, that are not helpful.


The first unsupportive habit is her compulsive shopping behavior for her fancy home décor. These kind of spending habits, you’ll see with a lot of celebrities.


Her second bad habit is her relationship with lawyers. Not as in a love life, but in court. In 1996 she sold over 20 million records, she was still waiting on her financial rewards (according to her lawyers). She launched a lawsuit against her record company. She lost the lawsuit and shortly after she lost the lawsuit, she file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

She bounced back and became successful again. But in 2007 she filed a lawsuit for US$ 10 million against her former manager alleging “Fraud, deception and double dealing”. The end result was that Toni Braxton had to pay her former manager an advance of US$ 375.000, as a percentage of the sales of her next album.

And again in 2013 she went bankrupt when health problems forced her to cancel her planned Las Vegas revue. She settled the case in 2013.


There are two possibilities regarding “the truth”. The funny thing is, you always think you’re right and the other one is wrong. The only problem in court is, the someone else decides who is right and who is wrong. Lawsuits not only cost you a lot of money, it also cost a lot of time and it brings negative energy.


You can get more money, but you won’t get more time.