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Moneyfulness is a new concept. Moneyfulness is not just a book, it’s an overall concept. The goal is to eliminate poverty. This is an ambitious goal in which I can use all the help I can get, including yours. By buying this book, you donate 10% of the purchase price to the Moneyfulness foundation. In addition to this book, there is an online course as well as live training sessions. 10% of the proceeds of all these activities are donated to the Moneyfulness foundations. Making direct donations is possible as well. Moneyfulness is about money, which is why we have made the elimination of poverty our main goal.

What is Moneyfulness?

Money is the main cause of stress in the United States. And yet, within the existing concept of mindfulness, there hardly is any focus on money. Since the combination of mindfulness and money did not yet exist, this concept was created. Moneyfulness can be divided into the money method, in which all seven aiding factors from mindfulness have been translated into money and the practical way to handle money in bank management. The practical part is greatly underexposed in the existing concept of mindfulness. Since, in addition to resetting your brain correctly, the practical implementation is imperative for eliminating money-related stress, this book was written.

I am great with money, why should I do something?

Do you know all there is to know about money and do you feel that you are great with money? If your fully convinced of yourself and this claim, this book is not for you. In reality, the group that never worries about money, is a very small minority. Within the 5% of the richest people on Earth, there are plenty who have financial stress. Worries about retaining the money, about allowing capital to grow, and about preventing arguments about the inheritance. The bigger the inheritance, the bigger the risk of family quarrels. Are you worried about money? If so, this book can help you make those worries go away or at least reduce them greatly. Dealing with money is an interesting hobby, one that you should definitely invest time in. Stressing about money is a waste of life. The valuable time you waste worrying can be used positively to deal with money constructively.

I have no money, let alone money to spare.

Do you recognize this situation? If so, this book was written for you! With the help of Moneyfulness, you can create a better life for yourself, one without financial worries, without spending valuable time worrying about money. It is not about the heights of the amounts, it is about your attitude towards money. Managing your money and dealing with it wisely. Every penny counts, even if you have just one cent a week to spare. Get rid of your inhibiting convictions about money or accept them and learn how to deal with money properly. You may even start liking money.

At the end of my money, there's a lot of months left

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, it’s a very common problem. The credit card is a proven method to postpone payments. Getting a loan is extremely easy nowadays. However, everything you borrow must be paid back. Depending on the interest rate, you’ll have to pay back much more than you borrowed. Pleasure today, the pain is for later. Millions of people live like this and have money stress. Towards the end of the month, the money runs out and the worries start. How great would it be if you could stop worrying and start spending all that time on fun things because you have your finances in order? Read the money method, do the exercises, and apply the bank management to your finances, and at the end of the month, you’ll have money left.

Do I have to become a millionaire?

By all means, you do not have to become a millionaire. Everything depends on your wishes and your spending pattern. If you live alone in a small apartment, you don’t need a lot. I am not talking about your desires for the future, but about your current spending pattern. When you live in a big house and have three children that go to college, things are a little different. Your spending pattern changes with every phase in life. Moneyfulness has a twofold objective. The first objective is to fix your attitude towards money, to say goodbye to inhibiting convictions, and to obtain self-insight about your behavior. The second objective is to map your finances and to plan and secure your financial future. Having a lot of money is pleasant, a 1 million bank balance is extremely pleasant, however, as soon as it causes stress in any way, it’s not right. 

Mindfulness is a little vague to me, is Moneyfulness for me?

Moneyfulness has a practical approach. There are exercises concerning your convictions about money and you’ll obtain self-insight about your behavioral pattern. Very recognizable and applicable. Organizing and planning your financial affairs can only be done using a practical method. Bank management is the way to organize your financial affairs. The seven aiding factors of mindfulness are used to shape the money method. There is nothing vague about money.

Can I apply to my charity for funding?

In principle, any charity that fights poverty in the world qualifies for a listing on www.Moneyfulness.me. The project plan must be well-substantiated with the figure. How much money do you need and how much are you asking the Moneyfulness foundations. If the funding has a deadline, this must be specified. When a contribution is assigned to your project, you are expected to provide information about the realization of the project once it is completed. What has Moneyfulness contributed to and how was poverty in the world reduced as a result of this contribution. As soon as the project is posted on the website, it is up to you to motivate everyone to save coins and to assign them to your project.

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