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Have the courage to look into the mirror called "your bank account"

Your bank account shows exactly how you behave with money. It may be confronting, but very helpful.


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About Michael Keet

Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael Keet. Let’s start with my teenage years. They were not so very successful, kicked out of school, no education or relevant working experience. This continued until I reached the age of twenty-one. Then there was someone that wanted to help me. I was offered to go back to school for a year. And so I did. Three years of evening school later I’ve got my bachelor's degree and later on my MBA at a Dutch University. But that’s not the only thing, at the age of twenty-one I was no good for anything and at the age of thirty, I was the finance director from a company that employed over 400 people and had a 60 million turnover.  All accomplished in nine years. When I went back to school I realized that this was a one-time opportunity. This is what got me back on track, I’ve changed my mindset. I realized that my mindset was one of the most powerful things I had. And this is also one of the things I’ll be showing to you later on.


So, I’ve been a finance director or business controller for about thirteen years. Then again a turning point in life, I started my own business. I’ve developed my online accounting system for self-employed and small business owners. I‘ve also established my own accounting and tax office. This has been changed into a franchise formula, several accounting and tax offices in The Netherlands.


But the start of my company didn’t go smoothly. In the beginning, I ran it based on common sense. Quickly I realized that I didn’t know anything about having your own business. So I started to attend training. One of them was a mindfulness program. That appealed to me, so much that I also became a mindfulness coach. Mindfulness really helped me, because when I was a finance director or business controller I was afraid of losing my job and income, so I had money stress. As I became an entrepreneur, my income was cut in half, we adjusted our spending pattern and with mindfulness, I had hardly any money stress.


Now I’ve combined my 25 years of experience in finance and my mindfulness expertise from the past four years into Moneyfulness and I’ve created this unique book. You will learn to LIVE with MONEY, more money, and less stress.

Just follow the MONEY method, apply the Hollywood principle, and live your life in accordance with BANK management.