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Who taught you about money?

72% of all Americans experience money stress. How is that possible in one of the richest countries in the world? Roughly 50% of all people were taught by their parents about the practical side of money. How to save money and/or how to make a budget. 

Nobody was taught how to think about money, how to behave with (or without) money, how to treat money. Funny, because everybody has an opinion about it. These are the convictions and beliefs you have. You may not realize it, but these convictions and beliefs may be in your family for generations. They may have been supporting a hundred years ago, but now caught up by time and innovations and turned into unsupportive beliefs. 

Very often you don't realize that you think in a certain way about money, because these thoughts are on autopilot. You should hear yourself speaking about money, you'll be surprised.

You also have to manage your money practically. Your convictions, beliefs, and behavior on the one hand, and practical money management belong together like body and soul. 

Moneyfulness has it all. This program will tell you how to make it, how to keep it, how to grow it, how to love it, and how to give it away to make this world a better place.

What's in it for you?

Find out and change your limiting beliefs and convictions.

What money type are you? Walk around your pitfalls and increase your money strengths

You will be kind to yourself and others. Stop being your hardest judge, and realize your judgemental thoughts. 

Become the best version of yourself and how to make money by doing the things you love to do.
Know how to manage your money. Learn from your past and shape your bright financial future

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Don't worry, if you decide you want the entire package, after all, the amount you paid on this part will be deducted.

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