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End money-stress in three steps

There are three steps towards moneyfulness. Mindfulness techniques have been transformed into money topics. You can also complete the training and implement everything without the mindfulness exercises if you want to, but for the maximum effect if you incorporate them. The second step is your financial past, recognise your non-supportive spending patterns. The last step is to plan your bright financial future.

  • This training wil bring you more money then it costs.
  • Imagine how your life will look like and feel like if you eliminate money-stress
  • You don't fall back into old non-supportive habits because your mind and habits are changed for good
  • You will actually have money and earn more money by putting your money to work
  • 10 % of all income is donated to charity that fights poverty
  • End money-stress and live the life you deserve

I will show you the way via online video's and a lot of bonus materials

No money and no stress; that's what puzzled me

My name is Michael Keet, I'm an entrepeneur and I invented Moneyfulness. But my business didn't always go well. At the end of 2017 I've hit rockbottom. Let me tell you what happened.

I was the owner of a company that developed accounting software for small business owners. Software development requires a substantial amount of money to set up in the first place, but it's never finished. I wanted to stay ahead of the competition. I kept on investing, because that's what you have to do first, revenues will follow, I thought. I ran out of money but wanted to finish the devopments that I started so I ended up with a privat debt of $ 60.000 at the end of 2017.

But I didn't experience money-stress, how is that possible?

In the period 2014-2017 I've attended a lot of trainings and I've made the acquaintance of mindfulness. This one draw my attention, I also wanted to learn how to be a mindfulness coach. (I'm Mindfuless Based Cognitive Therapy, MBCT certified).

Mindfulness was of great help to me, at that time especially. And suddenly all came together, Moneyfulness was born. It was so special that I couldn't keep it to myself, I had to share it with the rest of the world.

Michael Keet, inventor of Moneyfulness


I was so tired and my mind was alway occupied tinking about money, how am I suppost to pay for the next bill?

I never imagined that an ancient belief from my childhood was holding me back. Thanks to moneyfulness I realized my non-suportive money-conviction. My thoughts went the wrong way on auto pilot. Now I know what to do and what situations to avoid. I'm actually learing to live with money, something I never had. And I know how to keep it and let it grow. 


What do other people say?

I never new how my brain was holding me back, without realizing it. The autopilot ruled my brain.


The guarantee that it would bring me more money then it costs, is absolutely true. I saved so much money, it's incredible.


Moneyfulness is a great mirror. It showed me my pitfalls and non supportive habits / convictions and how to change them.


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