Adjust your financial habits 

in 28 days

Master your new, helpful habits

This is why you need this program.

How about neweyears resolutions?

And how many of the newyears resolutions were still valid at the end of the month? 

That's exactly why this program is designed. By actually working on your financial situation, it will become a habit. When something feels like a habit, it hardly costs you any effort anymore. If something comes easy, it's also easier to keep it up. And even more important, you might even start to like working on your finances because your relationship with money is fantastic.

I don't know all about your current relationship with money, but if you want to improve it in a sustainable way, the next 28 days ar crucial.

During this 28 day period, you will find the reasons for the stress you're experiencing, what's the root of your stress and how you can reduce your level of stress. You will get a grip on your emotions when dealing with money, or at least to that level that the people around you will not be bothered by your financial emotions anymore. They can't help the way you feel. If ther are unsupportive beliefs regarding your finances, you will find them and adjust them for the better. 

And, last but not least, your spending pattern will improve and/or you will start making more money, your financial situation will defenitly improve. I can assure you, this small investment will be recouped within one week, for some of you within a day.


Some examples

By working on your mindset, convictions, behavior 28 days in a row, you will master the new helpful habits when it comes to finanance. It will be on autopilot so it doesn't cost you any energy.
Every day a new email, new perspective on money and a new assignement.
Improve your relationship with money in 28 days
End stress over your financial situation
Make it a habit to manage your money. Give money the attention it deserves and it will grow

Accept the challenge and take back control over your finances

What are you waiting for? Is it your unsupportive belief system? That little devil on your shoulder telling you're not worth it?