How to solve money problems

How to solve money problems:

  • Money stress will be history
  • Own more money
  • Become mindful about money
  • Your money behavior will be supporting you
  • Have an unstoppable money mindset
  • Your finances will be organized
  • Experience life with money
  • You're helping to fight poverty
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I lived from paycheck to paycheck

Never having enough money, robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month. I got sick and tired of this lifestyle. But I also didn't have a clue how to change my situation.

Organizing my finances is something I've tried many times, but I always returned to my old spending habits. Then I ran into Moneyfulness. It's not only about saving and organizing your finances, it's also very important to have the right mindset and attitude towards money.

About Michael Keet

I've been working in finance for over twenty-five years. I've been a finance director at several companies (200-600 ft) for thirteen years. My first business was started in 2012. I've developed online accounting software for small entrepreneurs and I've set up accounting and tax offices in the Netherlands.

I attended a lot of personal development courses over the last few years. Amongst them was mindfulness training. For a finance guy, it's the very opposite. It helped me fully understand the human side of money. Money is not just a currency, it's emotion, behavior, convictions, and so on.

If you were lucky, your parents told you about how to handle money. No one is taught how to think about money. Schools don't teach you about money, and I can tell because I've studied finance for years.

So let me teach you how to get money, to keep it, to grow it, to live in peace with it, how to love money and how to give it away to make this world a better place.

Learning to LIVE with money. Let's end money stress together.

  • The purpose of Moneyfulness
  • Discover the Mindfulness links
  • Even if you don't have any money
  • The seven aiding factors of mindfulness translated
  • Your money organized
  1. Don't miss the explanation, the "why"
  2. You don't have to become a millionaire
  3. Don't miss the combination of "mind" and "money"
  4. Please don't skip the opportunity to fight poverty
  5. Don't keep the inhibiting mindset and behavior

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