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A new, fresh look at an old concept called MONEY

Money is not just currency, there is so much more to tell. Both sides of the coin (and the map) are equally important. Your mindset, convictions, behavior and emotions on the one hand, and practical money management on the other hand.

Let me, by giving you this money map for free, guide you through the "money-jungle"

Why is this money map different from the existing money maps? 

Moneyfulness shows you a new view to the old concept of money. Regardless whether it's paper, coins, plastic or on a bank account, it still remains money. But money is so much more than a number, a currency or a medium of exchange. And, yes, you have to manage your money in a practical way as well. You have to keep on paying attention to you financial situation and plan for the future. That's a technique, and a technique can be learned. You may not like first, but you can master it. Everything you master, is usually nice to do.

The flip side of the coin considers your mindset. Life is all about relationships, your relationship with money is also an important relationship. If you hate money, what are the chances of you becoming, and staying, wealthy? Zero to none. What happens if you get more of the things you hate? You get rid of it. When dealing with money, you will probably start sabotaging yourself, different bahavior, odd investments and so on.

To support you on your financial journey, there are several links in the Moneyfulness Money map. There you will find a lot of written information, video's you can watch and audio files you can listen to. And off course, all of these bonusses are for free.

In a nutshell

Practical insights
It's showing you the way to a healthy financial situation
The map is a starting point for a far better relationship with money
It will end the stress you have when thinking about finances

All supported by text, video and audio, available via the websites mentioned in the Moneyfulness Money Map.  These bonusses are for free!

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