Brendon Fraser money problems

Brendon Fraser

What an expensive devorce can do.

Brandon Fraser became well known through his success in The Mummy and a lot of other movies. But the last decade Hollywood somehow doesn’t want him playing the better parts anymore. It’s not exactly clear why, but he hasn’t played an important part for a long time.


In his personal life he divorced Afton Smith in 2007. At that time his career was still moving in the right direction. (three awards and one nomination in 2006 for “Crash”). The divorce is basically the start of the declining movie career and the beginning of his tumultuous personal life. He can hardly pay his alimony, got in debt and a lot of other personal problems.


In Brandon Frasers case, it seems that the divorce has lead to a lot of mental problems, which in many cases also lead to physical health problems and moving forward into financial problems. This is a very common pattern after a divorce. 


Moneyfulness can’t help you with every issue in your life, it can’t prevent you from events like a divorce happening in your life. But is can help you to get your mindset en behavior towards money in the best shape possible. You will have at least one very important thing less to worry about in your life.