Johnny Depp money problems

Johnny Depp

Johnny and Money, not the best combination

Johnny Depp started off in the late eighties when he was playing a cop in 21 Jumpstreet. He was playing in one or two movies a year. His second popularity rum was with the Pirates of the Caribbean. He made a fortune during his movie career, but was he able to keep it?


Unfortunately, Johnny Depp found a lot of reasons to get into alcohol and drugs. 


Rodrick quoted Depp in 2018 as stating that a claim that he had spent US$30,000 per month on wine was "insulting" because he had spent "far more" than that amount. 


The last quote from Johnny Depp is not the only one. Once he spent US$ 3 million to fire Hunter S. Thomsons ashes out of a cannon. His former managers stating that Johnny Depp refuses to live within his means, despite repeated warnings about his financial condition.


Once’s Johnny Depp’s fortune was estimated over US$ 400 million. The combination of his spending habits combined with a very expensive divorce (Amber Heard) lead to a financial crisis.


If you get into a divorce, you have to adjust your lifestyle. In general, when you’re together, your income and assets are combined. If you cut both in half, you can expect what will happen. The amount itself doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a US$ 400 million like Johnny Depp or it’s your money. You have to adjust to your new financial situation.