Athletes and Entrepreneurs

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Athletes and money

You all know famous athletes that went bankrupt, or at least lost all of their money. How is that possible? The well know stories are only from the athletes that were famous one day. But there are so many athletes that make a lot of money in the ealy years but get injured somewhere down the road to stardom. Or the ones that make a very good living, but don't make it to the top. Stories about these athletes you never hear. 

Everybody has a comfort zone, including a financial comfort zone. As soon as you're succesful, your journey to stardom, you will get bigger and bigger contracts, earning more and more money. Sixteen or seventeen year old kids earning a six figure income are considered "common sports contracts". When you keep on being succesful, you will enter your twenties earing a seven figure income or even more when you reach stardom.

How do you handle these amounts of money? As an athlete you only have ten to fifteen years to earn an income that has to last a lifetime. If your financial comfort zone isn't stretched in accordance with your income, you may loose it all. 

It usually hits you the moment you realize your professional career is over. Hardly any money comes in, and it appears very hard to adjust your spending patterns. Soon, all the money you worked so hard for, will be gone. 

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Stories of famous athletes that went bankrupt

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Succesfull entrepreneurs and money

Being an entrepreneur is more or less like being a top athlete. You always have to be committed for the full hundred (or more) percent. You are directly competing to others. You have to have the best product and/or service and so on. When your business is succcesful, you suddenly start earning a lot of money, like athletes. The only difference is that you're not limited by your age, like the founder of KFC, who started at the age of sixty two. An athlete has to earn most of it between the age of seventeen till thirty seven. 

You can download the stories of the athletes, but there are even more stories about entrepreneurs that had a very succesful business, earned a lot of money, but went bankrupt again. There are even entrepreneurs that became multi millionaires, went bankrupt and build their wealth again (and again and again). You always have to stretch your financial comfort zone. If you don't there will always be the risk of sabotaging behavior. Your net worth correlates with your self-worth. On top of that, I can improve your business as well, based on my experience as a finance director and as entrepreneur. 

Book a free fifteen minute consultation to find out how I'll stretch your financial comfort zone so you money will last a lifetime


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