Certified Moneyfulness Officer

Become a Certified Moneyfulness Officer (CMO)

Make it your business to improve other peoples financial lives in a sustainable way. Money is so much more then just currency or a number. Get all those limiting beliefs, excuses and stress out of the way

What is Moneyfulness?

72% of all Americans experience stress about their finances. Are you one of them?

No longer be defined by how much money you make anymore, you will be defined by what money can do for you.

Moneyfulness is the only place where mindset and behavior on financial matters are combined with the hands on "how to manage your money".

I will show you how to get more money, how to keep it, how to grow it, how to love it and how to give it away.

People always tell you that money doesn’t bring you happiness. But it brings you something more important, it brings you freedom, free to do whatever you want whenever you want without having to worry about money.

Most of the times money is treated as a number, a currency. The flip side of the coin is that money also represents a variety of emotions, convictions, mindset, limiting beliefs.

Moneyfulness is bridging the practical "how to" and the mindset (based on the seven pillars of mindfulness). The power is in understanding what overlaps.

10% of all income is donated to charity that fights poverty

What you will get out of this webinar

This webinar will tell you how to become a CMO.

We'll tell you the way you can make a living out of Moneyfulness. The above menitons options will be explained on a detailed level. 

You will be able to have a look into the database of marketing materials, the powerpoints you can use and the available stories you can use, or use for inpiration.

A P&L will be shared. How your life can be, having Moneyfulness as a sidebusiness or as a full time business. 

And last but not least, how to become a Certified Moneyfulness Officer

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The duration of the webinar will be app. 45 minutes + Q&A

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What is a Certified Moneyfulness Officer (CMO)?

A CMO is helping others to get their finances organized. This can be in a practical way, e.g. budgetting, and a shift in the mindset/behavior. Both pillars are equally important.

You may be brilliant handling numbers and money, but if your limiting beliefs are in the way, you'll never be wealthy. 

If you're living a life of abundance, but you don't have a clue how to manage your finances, you'll never stay/be wealthy as well.

A CMO is a well trained expert on both pillars. 

How to make a living?

There are many ways to make a living. You can be a full time CMO or it can be a sidebusiness. If you keep on reading this page, you will find four options, but you're not limited by these options. Attend a webinar for more detailed information

What do you get?

You will get a two day training at the start. You have to complete these two days to become a CMO. Moneyfulness is trademarked so you will be a unique coach, no one else is allowed to sell any Moneyfulness product or service.

There will also be a continues education program. Monthly meetings with additional information, training and exchanging idea's.

You will have full access to a database with all kinds of promotional items, powerpoint you can use for your own programs, stories you can use or be inspired by and so on.

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Live programs

Getting people in a room and help them as much as you can. There is so much to tell about money. It can be done in a two hour workshop, half a day, a full day or even up to two or three days. It's up to you to find out which program(s) suit you best.

Some professions have continues education programs. They are obligated to be trained at least an X amount of hours annually. This varies per country. You can provide in-company trainings, not only for continues education programs, but alse for e.g. banks, insurance companies, accountants/bookkeepers, financial advisors and so on.

Keynote speech

A keynote speech is a speech between thirty and ninety minutes. This is a TaylorMaide speech for the audience. You will prepare the content of the speech with the host.

A keynote speech can be given in-company, but also at e.g. a group of entrepreneurs / business clubs or even book clubs.

Zoom program

There is also a seven hour zoom program. There's a weekly call. You will be the host and following a program, sharing information, assigning tasks for the week to come and attendees can share their experiences.

Not everybody is willing to share their financial situation or limiting beliefs/emotions. Therefore zoom is perfect. Attendees can use a nickname and turn off their camera and attend as an anonimous person.

online programs

When you are giving a keynote speech, a live training or an online zoom training, you will be able to sell the existing online programs as well. It doesn't cost you anything, and it bring in money. There are several online programs available. An easy, an extended program, a 28 days follow-up program and more to come

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