Don Johnson money problems

Don Johnson

and his relationship with money

Don Johnson, well known from Miami Vice in the eighties, didn’t always have a good relationship with money. Miami Vice was all about fast cars, cops and living a life in luxury. Never one to shy away from fast living, he was soon an advert for Hollywood excess, from drink to drugs to women.


Don Johnson was living fast in the eighties. One of the fast hobbies was Powerboat racing. He was crowned World Powerboat Champion in 1988. 


The career of Don Johnson is mainly in the movies or on television. It’s not that his career went up and down that much, but his financial situation did. Especially in the eighties and early nineties there was a whole lot of money coming in. But on the other hand, he had a very expensive lifestyle as well. He kept the same spending pattern as he had when the big bucks were coming in, in the late nineties and into this century. 


This resulted in several bankruptcies. There are two well known financial crisis’s in Don Johnsons life. The first one was in November 2002. There was a routine car search at the German-Swiss border. In the trunk of his car they found bank statements evidencing US$ 8 billion in transactions. He was accompanied by his financial advisor, his personal assistant and a third person. Initially they thought he was involved in money laundring, but he was cleared of wrong doing.

The second financial crisis in his life was in may 2008. He was about to lose his house in Woody Creek, Colorado to foreclosure. Somehow he managed to pay off US$ 14,5 million less then 24 hours before the actual auction would start.


Somehow Don Johnson always seems to be able to get rich, lose it all and get rich again. So his mindset is a money making mindset which is working out very well for him. But his spending behavior is not supporting him. If only he could change his spending behavior……….. One of the main topics in Moneyfulness.