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Actually there are only two ways in which you can get stress: reliving the past or fear for the future. If you’ve gone through something in the past, and in the present or near future expect that something similar will happen, then you’re basically already assuming that your past experiences will happen again, now or in the future. 


Because you have an experience, with the associated intense emotions from the past, saved in your brain, the feeling and thoughts are simple to bring back to the surface. The further in the past or the more intense the experience, the stronger this is anchored in your brain. 

The second cause of stress is fear for the future. You’ve heard all sorts of stories and stories that aren’t necessarily related, and combined them in your head to make a whole new story. Not based on the past, but completely imagined future scenarios. You have a very creative brain that, without you even being aware of it, can create a whole new story. If you project these future disaster scenarios on yourself, then this brings with it serious feelings of stress. 


It’s impossible to describe all possible money experiences in this book. Because of this, a few were chosen that can have a serious impact on someone’s life. It’s possible that you’ve gone through one or more of these experiences, and otherwise you surely know someone who has. 

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What is a Certified Moneyfulness Officer (CMO)?

A CMO is helping others to get their finances organized. This can be in a practical way, e.g. budgetting, and a shift in the mindset/behavior. Both pillars are equally important.

You may be brilliant handling numbers and money, but if your limiting beliefs are in the way, you'll never be wealthy. 

If you're living a life of abundance, but you don't have a clue how to manage your finances, you'll never stay/be wealthy as well.

A CMO is a well trained expert on both pillars. 

How to make a living?

There are many ways to make a living. You can be a full time CMO or it can be a sidebusiness. If you keep on reading this page, you will find four options, but you're not limited by these options. Attend a webinar for more detailed information

What do you get?

You will get a two day training at the start. You have to complete these two days to become a CMO. Moneyfulness is trademarked so you will be a unique coach, no one else is allowed to sell any Moneyfulness product or service.

There will also be a continues education program. Monthly meetings with additional information, training and exchanging idea's.

You will have full access to a database with all kinds of promotional items, powerpoint you can use for your own programs, stories you can use or be inspired by and so on.