Moneyfulness begins by questioning your mindset and your convictions with regard to money. What is your attitude towards money? It is irrelevant whether you currently have a lot of money in your account, or whether you are in serious overdraft. Be honest with yourself and recognize your money habits. After all, you are the one who has to face yourself in the mirror tomorrow.

Most early money memories start at the age of five. The time that you can really be influenced by those that are bringing you up lasts until you are about twelve years old.

I would like you to think back to the time that you were somewhere between five and twelve years old. What is your first money memory? Did you get money for your birthday? Did you get pocket money? And were you allowed to do whatever you wanted with your money? Did you have to do household chores in exchange for the money? Or did your parents control you via the pocket money? What did the ones that brought you up tell you over and over? The things about money you heard so many times during your childhood are burned in your brain. The age of maximum influence, combined with the repetition, makes you think on autopilot. The more often you think or say the same things, the bigger and wider the neuro pathway will become. That’s the exact reason for family patterns which you may recognize your partner in.

One of the well known statements is: “Rich people may seem happy, but they’re not.” In other words, you think that you know what happens between the ears of rich people. You are the one judging the happiness of someone else, without knowing what’s actually going on. Perhaps you have seen the movie “Scrooge” once too often, or perhaps you have heard some other story. Assume that everyone is willing and able to be happy in their own way, regardless the size of their bank account.

Let’s end money stress together.


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My name is Michael Keet, and I'm the inventor of Moneyfulness. My ebook "What is Moneyfulness" hit the #1 position on Amazon. The full book will be in the bookstores and online in september 2019. You can aready follow an online Moneyfulness program. LET'S END MONEY STRESS TOGETHER
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