Kindness is an attitude you have to develop. Kindness is all about being nice. I know there is a movie called Nice guys finish last, but it isn’t true. Being nice is absolutely NOT the same as allowing other people to walk over you. Being nice has nothing to do with accepting other peoples rude behavior and bullying. You have to set your boundaries. If your environment knows your boundaries, they will respect them. If they don’t respect you personal boundaries, you may ask yourself if they are worthy of your friendship.

In order to be kind to others, you have to be kind you yourself first. Everybody makes mistakes. Even, the more mistakes you make in a row, the closer you will come to victory. Like Thomas Edison said; I have not failed, I’ve just found  10.000 ways that won’t work. Make mistake as many as you can and as fast as you can. The only thing to add is that you have to learn from your mistakes. Don’t keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.

The most important thing is how you deal with your mistakes. Do you punish yourself for every mistake you make? You will probably have a hard time living your life. Be kind to yourself, learn from your mistake and forgive yourself. If you keep on repeating your mistake in your mind, your brain will make a large neuro pathway for punishing yourself for every mistake. The more often you go down that lane, the bigger and wider the neuro pathway will become. It may even get this far that you don’t think it consciously anymore, your punishing thoughts go on autopilot. Adjust your way of thinking to a forgiving way and be kind to yourself.

The next part is being kind to others. It’s up to you to choose to do it in the way that suits you best. There are incredible things possible with money. Donating money to charity is a very good way to support other people doing what they love. The ones helping others have to eat as well. There is no difference in donating to a local project or to a project in a poor country. Bottom line is that you are using your money to make the world a better place.

The second option is time. Time is the most valuable thing in life. You can get more money in life, but you will never ever get more time than that’s given to you. If you actually want to help yourself, you can donate the most precious thing you have which is time. It’s the same as with money. You can help a local project or you can go to a third world country and build houses or a water well.

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