You will never meet anyone in your life that knows you longer than yourself and better than anyone else. Therefore there is no relationship in your life more important than the relationship you have with yourself.

The last step in the money method is working on yourself. Everything revolves around your mind and your perception of money. Based on your findings earlier, you can see your basic financial behavior. As soon as you know your financial behavior, you’ll automatically discover your financial talent and your financial challenges. What money behavior needs go be cultivated because you’re good at it, and what financial traps do you avoid. Insight into yourself and your behavior are your foundation for change. Realize what you want to achieve.

Also be kind to yourself. If something goes wrong, think to yourself how you would judge if someone else had made the same mistake. Your forgiveness towards others generally is much greater than to yourself. As soon as something goes wrong again, treat yourself the same way you would treat your best friend, being kind to yourself, you’ll become a more positive and optimistic person. Don’t torture yourself on your own mental rack. Your own ego, your own brain is the one punishing you so hard. As soon as you notice that your ego is punishing you, you thank your ego for its assessment and go on with your life. Leave the assessment of your ego for what it is, correct what went wrong and proceed without any negative feelings. Accept what happened and don’t judge.

Being kind to yourself doesn’t mean you don’t have to set goals for yourself. Set your own financial goals with a specific date in the future. “At this date I want my net worth to be x amount”. Or “Within a period of two years from now I want to triple my income”. There are a lot of different financial goals you may have, but these two are most common. Now you have set your goals, reverse engineer back to today. What do you have to do today to reach your goal in the future. When you are reverse engineering, take small steps in the beginning and bigger steps at the end. When you approach the date you’ve set for yourself and all the increasingly bigger steps were successful, you will take the last steps towards your goal. In the beginning the last steps seem huge, but when you’re close, they seem the only logical thing to do.

Don’t beat yourself up if you reach your goal later. By setting the goal and working towards it made you realize it. If you didn’t set the goal, you wouldn’t have met your goal at all. It’s also possible that something big happens in your life which prevents you from reaching your goal. For example if you had a severe accident and you had to stay in a hospital for several months. Adjust your goal after you’ve recovered from your accident.

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