One of the greatest Hollywood productions is the movie Titanic. It has been recorded twice. The first edition was in 1997 and a rerun in 3D in 2012 because it was exactly a century ago that the Titanic sunk. The name “Titanic” is synonymous with “Ship of Dreams”.  The ship Titanic has destroyed dreams and created new ones. Let’s get more in detail in the movie Titanic.

The opening shot is the Titanic lying on the bottom of the ocean. A group of people is trying to find the lost diamond and other things that were left in the ship. But it’s a fixed image, the ship isn’t moving and doesn’t have the intention to move by itself in the coming years.

Now the grand dame Rose is entering the boat that is searching in the remaining of the Titanic. Now she starts telling her story. The entire movie is a story of only a couple of days.

Now, back in time, returning to her memories of 1912. Rose is from a rich family and traveling with her mother and fiancé. They have first class tickets and are entering Titanic with a lot of luggage and haughty. On the other hand there’s Jack and his friend. They won a third class ticket on a hand of poker. He lives day by day and owes nothing more than he can carry.

Once they are at sea, Jack takes position on the front railing and he feels like he’s king of the world. He’s so happy he made it, and the endless view over the ocean makes him feel invincible.

Later that day, in the evening, Rose also climbs up a railing. She wanted to kill herself. She felt locked up in a golden cage. She had no freedom at all and had to marry to her fiancé because her mother insisted on it and the family money was gone. Money can make you do strange things. Jack saved her just in time.

Rose’s fiancé is not that comfortable with the presence of Jack. He tries to bribe Jack. He offers him money so Jack would stay away from Rose. Jack, who lives one day at a time, refuses the money. He’s more interested in Rose then in the money. As you can see, not everything is for sale.

Now the Titanic has speeded up. It was going so fast that it couldn’t avoid the iceberg. An iceberg is known only for the top if the iceberg. The largest part is under water. It’s also what you see and know about other people, the largest part, their thinking, remains unseen for the outside world. Also the amount of debt remains unseen and sometimes the millions as well. The Titanic has hit the iceberg and starts sinking. There are not enough lifeboats for everybody, there is no buffer. Therefore the ship sinks. Jack dies and Rose is picked up by a lifeboat that returned for survivors.

This was the story of Rose, one of the last remaining passengers of the Titanic. Back to today. The “old” Rose is walking to the railing of the boat that investigated the remaining of the Titanic. She takes the diamond and throws it into the water. You can see the diamond going towards the Titanic.

Now there is a final shot of  the movie, it’s the Titanic lying on the bottom of the ocean. It didn’t move at all. Again it’s a fixed image, the end shot.

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