The Hollywood principle
The Hollywood principle
27 september 2020 
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The Hollywood principle

Hollywood is the place to be when it’s about movies. There are all kinds of genres in the movie scene like thriller, horror, romantic, comedy, children, adventure, action, historical, drama, science fiction, western and so on. It isn’t relevant which kind of movie you like in this case. There is one thing all movies have in common; they’re telling you a story. It’s only depending on your liking which kind of story you want to see. The same goes for series, only in smaller chunks and with the same characters over and over again.

Now we are entering the practical part of Moneyfulness. How can that be related to a Hollywood movie you might think. The movie is a metaphor to your bank account. If you take a close look into your bank account you can relate to all the money that comes in and that’s goes out. You can feel very exited when you look at a bank statement when you see your bonus has been paid. Or when you see the payment for a restaurant you had your first dinner date  with you current partner. You can also feel frustrated when you see an amount written off which you didn’t want to pay but you had to. Or when there is another entry from the shoe store for that pair of shoes you don’t wear anymore because the sucked. Looking at your bank account is a walk down to memory lane. It’s telling your story, it’s not only a bunch of numbers. Be aware, it may not always be comfortable looking in the mirror called “your bank account”.

Every movie has an image as opening shot. This is a fixed part that doesn’t change. If you map the past 12 months, you’ll have an opening shot of 12 months ago. The start is mapping all your possessions and debt 12 months ago, this is your opening shot. The main part of the movie consists of the story itself. Everyone has a story and it’s visible in your bank account. Take your story of the past 12 months. Everything that happened in the past 12 months, is your movie. What income and expenses did you have? The end shot of your movie, also is a fixed image, it cannot be changed. Take today as the day to map all your possessions and debt. Now you have your movie of the past 12 months.

Try not to attach too many emotions to this process. It’s simply a movie of your past which you can’t change. You can’t get your money back and you can’t earn more money in the past. Accept it as it is, it only reflects the person you were the past twelve months. It doesn’t say anything about the person you are going to be. Just let it go and try not to judge yourself. Trust yourself that you will make better decisions in the future. You are the director of your own movie. Make sure it will be an interesting movie that is fun to watch and amazing to experience. You are in control, so let your imagination run wile.

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