Opportunities are around the corner, but you need to go there to see them. There’s a reason why you’re reading this. Perhaps you see it as an opportunity to get rid of financial stress, or to organize your financial affairs, or any other opportunity you saw that convinced you of the added value of this series of articles.

Focusing on life and determining your goals is a skill that can be learned. Taking time to stop and reflect, does not fit in this hectic society. We generally run from one thing to the other. Because you take so little time to stop and reflect, you don’t know what truly matters to you and you are doing way too many things at once. Someone with dozens of priorities has no clear vision. The vision is focused on too many things, so that none of them can paint a clear picture.

As soon as it concerns money, people suddenly see a lot less opportunity. Suddenly, the road ahead is filled with obstacles. Their brains go into overdrive and they start worrying. Worrying or contemplating in itself is not a problem. It becomes a problem when you worry a lot and it consumes a part of your day. Worrying about money can cause stress, with serious consequences.

One thing is for sure: opportunities will present themselves. But how do you actually seize these opportunities? Give your subconscious space to come up with creative solutions. As soon as an idea presents itself, don’t hesitate to carry out the idea as quickly as possible. The most beautiful and best ideas are outside of your comfort zone. That’s what’s so great about opportunities, they give you energy and butterflies. Doing new things, doing different things, doing the same things a different way, everything to get you out of your rut. Don’t get frustrated when some time goes by without new ideas popping into your head. Wait patiently and ideas will present themselves. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you have your surroundings for that.

Everything begins with a good idea. If your thoughts focus on the good idea, it is given the attention and energy it deserves. Visualize that you realized your idea. Add a good feeling to this visualization, like how cool it is to have your idea visualized. By visualizing your idea and feeling good about it, the ways to realize it will present themselves automatically — the “how” of your idea. An idea in and of itself is nothing, but as soon as you know how to realize the idea, you will have arrived at the next step: carrying out the idea. Don’t try to detail all the steps from idea to realization in the beginning. Start with a first small step, and then quickly proceed to the second small step. There’s no need to have step 10 all detailed when you’re still working on step one. As long as the direction and the end goal are clear, keep moving towards the eventual goal. As long as you keep moving, realization moves closer. You will go from thoughts to feelings, and these thoughts and feelings are then converted into action, and eventually, you will achieve the result.

Start paying off your debt. If it takes small steps in the beginning, that’s no problem, as long as you keep taking steps. As soon as you debts are repaid, you can begin building capital. It is not about the absolute amount, taking steps, and continuing to do so towards your goal, is what matters most.

Let’s end money stress together.

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My name is Michael Keet, and I'm the inventor of Moneyfulness. My ebook "What is Moneyfulness" hit the #1 position on Amazon. The full book will be in the bookstores and online in september 2019. You can aready follow an online Moneyfulness program. LET'S END MONEY STRESS TOGETHER
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