My business and me
My business and me
30 augustus 2020 
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My business and me

Why am I combining business and money you might think. The only way any business, big or small, can exist is with the presence of money. No matter how profitable you are, if the money stops coming in, you will go bankrupt eventually. Money is connected to everything, to your job and to your business. The more money you have, the more powerful you can be.

Especially in Europe you may hear it a lot. “I don’t want to become a millionaire”. “I have enough as it is right now, my little savings and pension plan”. Ans so on. If this is one of your convictions, think about all the beautiful and good you can do with money. I suggest that everybody should at least to have the desire to become a millionaire. Let you fantasy go wild, what you can do if you would have a million dollars in your bank account. Let’s make this world a better place.

Let me give you two examples of celebrities with a lot of money and doing good. I think everybody knows the Gates foundation, therefore two other celebrities who are using their fortune and good name for the greater cause. Both are empowered by doing this kind of work.

Ben Affleck

Author, producer and writer Ben Affleck was born on August 15th 1972 and can’t remember that he ever wanted to be anything else than an actor. His breakthrough was together with Matt Damon in the movie “Good Will Hunting”. Afterwards, he played various major roles. For his production “Argo” he won a Golden Globe award and a BAFTA for Best Director, Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA for best movie.

Ben Affleck supports a large number of charities in various ways. One of the charities he actively supports is Feeding America. One in eight people in America is hungry and needs the foodbank to survive. Ben Affleck is very committed to those who are hungry. Check videos of Ben Affleck for Feeding America on YouTube.

Michael Dell

Entrepreneur who partly shaped the PC revolution in the eighties. Michael Dell was born in 1965. When he was twelve years old, he took a job as a dishwasher at a Chines restaurant, which allowed him to buy a computer when he was fifteen. He wanted to buy a computer to take it apart and see how it works. When he was in college, he came up with the idea of selling PC directly to consumers. Computers had to be affordable for everyone. He started building his own computers and sell them to people in his immediate vicinity. Just like Bill Gates, Michael Dell dropped out of college, because he wanted to start his company.

The focus of the Michael and Susan Dell foundation is on education, an increasing level of access to education throughout the world. In particular, they care for everyone who has a disadvantage compared to the majority. Breaking this vicious cycle of poverty combined with better healthcare and education of children, is the top priority of the foundation.

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My name is Michael Keet, and I'm the inventor of Moneyfulness. My ebook "What is Moneyfulness" hit the #1 position on Amazon. The full book will be in the bookstores and online in september 2019. You can aready follow an online Moneyfulness program. LET'S END MONEY STRESS TOGETHER
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