Mindfulness in Moneyfulness
Mindfulness in Moneyfulness
26 maart 2019 
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Mindfulness in Moneyfulness

It’s all about Patrick.

In the previous episode, I told you about my journey towards moneyfulness. During the trainings, programs and workshops I’ve been giving, I also heard a lot of different stories about the thoughts and habits of all kinds of beautiful human beings. His actual name is different, but let’s call him Patrick.

Patrick and his wife both attended a moneyfulness group program. There are many different programs, but they chose the one of seven meetings every other week of two and a half hours each. Patrick didn’t want to go, but his wife dragged him along.

At first Patrick was really skeptical about the mindfulness part. Upfront he judged mindfulness to be too “woo woo” for him. But to please his wife, he participated.

The length of the mindfulness exercises are built up during the program. It won’t surprise you if I told you that he resisted the mindfulness exercises the first couple of meetings. Halfway through the fifth meeting, there was an exercise of fifteen minutes. Suddenly he felt so calm and at ease that it scared him at first. He felt he wanted to get up and walk out of the room. He never experienced anything like that. Luckily, he decided to stay seated and finished the remaining minutes the exercise.

Afterwards, he shared his experience with the rest of the group. The fact that he reached the status of being in the present was very exciting for him. He kept that stage for about a minute, he thought, and then his mind wondered off again. He wanted to be like that more often, so he committed to exercising at home, which he had never done before.

At the end of the seven meetings, he even admitted that the mindfulness part and the translation of mindfulness to the financial topics was the best part of the program for him.

Never reject something you don’t know about. Don’t judge immediately and ventilate your opinion about it. Hold your breath, learn more about it, and then give your opinion.

Let’s end money stress together.

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