The term “empowerment” is used in many different ways. My explanation of empowerment is: finding and increasing your inner strength and your own capacities. Every person has experiences, talents and wishes. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to make choices in daily life. Making choices affect your future. Be willing to take responsibility of your own life and make effort to discover your strengths and develop your capacities. If you are able to better use your strengths and further develop your capacities, you are engaging in empowerment. This process takes place in your mind. All choices you make are affected by your mind or gut feeling. Your gut feelings originate from your subconscious thinking. By consciously directing your thoughts, you control your subconscious thinking. Taking decisions is the foundation to develop your strength and better use your capacities. In other words: empowerment is a form of self-direction.

Your own strength and your abilities are central in empowerment. Ask yourself whether you are doing the things that make you happy. Are you using your abilities to the fullest? Or are you living someone else’s life? Your strengths and abilities can change during life. Whereas, as a teenager, you have a major social network and easily engage, this might be entirely different at a later age. In this life phase, your social network is important for your status and who you are according to your surroundings. You can be or become very good at this. In your thirties and forties, you are working on your career. You have gained experience and you are good at what you do. It feels like you can face the entire world, and you get your status from your work. In your fifties and sixties, you might be in search of your inner self, your “being,” the reason of existence. This is something that happens entirely in yourself, without a large social network.

This is a very crude layout of life phases that people go through. It is an example to show you that your strengths and abilities change throughout your life. For that reason, it is important to look at yourself in the mirror every once in a while, and think whether you are still doing what makes you happy. It is so easy to get dragged into a pattern. You can do something that empowers you right now, and keep doing that for quite some time, only to discover after a couple of years, that the time has come to close this chapter, because it is consuming more energy than it is giving you. The better you use your abilities, the bigger the chance that you can translate it into money. The power of money is greatly underestimated. Find out what your financial abilities are and use them. I’m not referring to spending ability, because I’m sure you’re find in that area.

What do you love doing the most? If it’s your job, you are a lucky one. For a lot of employees that’s not the fact. Even for some self employed and entrepreneurs this is not the current situation. Somehow you can get sucked away in a situation. And it leads from one to the other and you can’t get out easily. I would like to ask you to think about the things you love doing most. Now you figure a way of making money doing the things you like most. It can be in a job or start as an entrepreneur. There are always ways of making money doing the things you are passionate about.

Let’s end money stress together.

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My name is Michael Keet, and I'm the inventor of Moneyfulness. My ebook "What is Moneyfulness" hit the #1 position on Amazon. The full book will be in the bookstores and online in september 2019. You can aready follow an online Moneyfulness program. LET'S END MONEY STRESS TOGETHER
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