Are you judging?
Are you judging?
16 augustus 2020 
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Are you judging?

Everybody is judging, no exception. On YouTube there are a lot of gold digger pranks. Just have a look, they’re really funny. This is all about judging. There is for example a guy in an old jogging suit walking by a beautiful girl loading her groceries in the back of her car. He asks if she needs help and if she wants to go for a cup of coffee afterwards. She looked at him and turned him down because she had to go somewhere. He walks around the corner, changes the jogging suit for a real suit and gets in a fancy sports car. He’s driving back to the lady and asks if she would like to have a cup of coffee with him. Now she immediately said yes and that she had plenty of time.

This is a different way of judging. That’s what your mind does. If it’s not explicitly mentioned, your mind fills the blanks. No one knows if he just rented the sports car and the suit for today. A lot of millionaires walk around in jogging suits. It’s just what your previous experiences have been with people dressed in a nice suit and dressed in a jogging suit.

Monthly people think that other people have more money than they actually have. That’s the pile of debt hiding behind the front door. Let me tell you how I made a huge mistake myself in a different way. It was someone I knew, not very well bet well enough to judge him. All I knew was that he was self employed and working from home making websites for companies. When I visited him, he was always sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop in front of him. He lived an average life, looking from the outside. A nice house, not too big, not too well maintained. A car of some age and dressed in normal clothes. Many addressed him as a grey mouse which nobody notices.

He came to me and asked me to put together his annual statement and to do the taxes. Now I found out that the website making activity as a self employed was only a hobby. He had a very successful online business which made him $30,000 a month net. It appeared he was a millionaire, because he’s been running the online business for over five years. This really surprised me, I judged him wrong.

Let’s end money stress together.

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