You just took the first step to end money-stress

Money method

Money method

7 chapters

Your mindset will be different

It will prevent you from falling back

Hollywood principle

Just one

Your financial past

Analyze your financial behaviour

Bank management

6 chapters

Your financial future

Plan your bright financial future

Improve your money behaviour and control your finances

Welcome to your money journey. 

Your money journey starts with your mind. How does your mind look at your financial situation and what are your feelings towards, for example, your bank account. In what way do you judge other people based on their spending habits, and how much do you spend to impress other people? Find your money strengths and pittfalls. There are many exercises in this training to improve your attitude towards money.

Analyze your financial past. Your will recognise things you found out about yourself in the money method. Basically it's a conformation of your earlier findings, only translated into real money. It can be difficult and confronting to do this exercise, but in the end it will really help you.

After your mind has been reset, the practical part starts. How to manage your finances in the future in a way that money stress will become something from the past.

There are a lot of exercises in this training, but if you will go through them step by step, you will defently get a moneyfull life without any money stress.

Good luck and success with this training

Michael Keet

End Money stress

Change your minds, attitude and behaviour towards money.

Learn from your past to really understand what you always did.

Plan your bright financial future

No fall-back into old habits because you recognise your old habits.