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Let’s start with his teenage years. The were not so very successful, kicked out of school, no education or relevant working experience. This continued until he reached the age of twenty one. Then there was someone that wanted to help. He was offered to go back to school for a year. And so he did. Three years of evening schools later he's got his bachelor degree and later on his MBA. But that’s not the only thing, at the age of twenty one he was no good for anything and at the age of thirty he was the finance director from a company that employed over 400 people.   All accomplished in nine years. When he went back to school he realized that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is what got him back on track, his mindset was changed forever. Michael realized that his mindset was one of the most powerful things he had. 


Michael has been a finance director or business controller for about thirteen years. Then again a turning point in life, he started his own businesses. He developed an online accounting system for self-employed and small business owners. He also established his own accounting and tax office.

The start of his companies didn’t go smoothly. In the beginning he ran it based on common sense. Quickly he realized that he didn’t know anything about having your own business. So he started to attend trainings. One of them was a mindfulness program. That appealed to him, so much that he also became a mindfulness coach. Mindfulness really helped him, because when he was a finance director or business controller he was afraid of losing his job and income, so he experienced money stress. As he became an entrepreneur, his income was cut in half, he adjusted his spending pattern and with the help of mindfulness he had hardly any money stress.


Now he combined 25 years of experience in finance and his mindfulness expertise from the past four years into Moneyfulness and created a unique program. You will learn to live with money, more money and less stress. His book "Moneyfulness" has been published in the US in 2020.

What is Moneyfulness?

Mindfulness is a well-known international concept. Mindfulness involves a diverse number of topics, however, there is little focus on the stress caused by money. Money is the number one stress inducer in the United States and is in the top three all around the world. These two concepts, mindfulness and money are combined in Moneyfulness. The book can be split into two parts. In the first parts, the aiding helping factors from mindfulness are used to counter the money stress in the money method. The second part is the bank management, a practical way to gain insight into and organize your finances.

The book Moneyfulness is part of a business concept. There is an online Moneyfulness course, a live training, trainers are trained and are given a license to give training on site. 10% of all earnings are donated to the Moneyfulness Foundation that fights against poverty across the globe.

1.The Money method

The Money method consists of the elements below

  • M-Mindset; improve your money mindset. Information about money as a concept and how to deal with the concept of money yourself.
  • O-Opportunities; Don’t base your decisions on problems, base them on solutions. Learn how to stop worrying about money and start increasing your money flow.
  • N-Not judging; stop comparing your own situations to others. Don’t drag yourself down by comparing yourself to others. Accept your current situation as it is.
  • E-Empowerment; get satisfaction from what you’re doing. Empower yourself with regard to money. Find creative ways to solve things, not everything comes with a price tag.
  • Y-Yourself; get to know yourself with regard to money. What motivates you, what demotivates you. Get a grip on your negative emotions. special techniques are used to help you stop worrying. Both in terms of that instant negative feeling, fear for the future and making the right decisions.

2.Hollywood principle

In Hollywood, everything is about the image. This can be both a photo or a movie. To map your current situation, we will use this method.

You’ll begin with creating an opening snapshot of your current situation. What is the value of your possessions and what debt do you have?

Then, you’ll make a movie of the past twelve months. This movie can contain anything you want, but make sure to include your income and expenses. Break it down by month and add them all together. Conclude with a final shot of your current situation, again with your possessions and debts. You know your past now. The more detailed the two photos and the movie are, the better.

Then, you can start planning out your future. To do so, we use BANK management.

3.Bank management

To properly shape your financial future and to provide financial rest, BANK management is an important element. How do you see your finances and how do you deal with that planning?

  • B-Buffer: to make sure that you will never face immediate money problems, you need a buffer. This buffer consists of two elements. Make a buffer of six to nine months for your basis needs (see the N of Normal expenses). Part two of the buffer consists of the replacement value of expensive products, such as a car, television refrigerator, etc.
  • A-Assets: make sure to get your possessions up to standard, in such a way that they help you provide in your Normal expenses. This gives you complete financial freedom.
  • N-Normal expenses: know your normal expenses. You need to do this to assess your buffer and your assets. Transfer this money to the current account (or transfer the rest to other accounts).
  • K-Kindness: be kind to yourself and to others. Moneyfulness gives 10% of all earnings to projects that are working to eliminate poverty. What can you do for others? But also be kind to yourself. Make sure to treat yourself frequently after achieving success. Also reserve a monthly budget for fun activities.

Additional chapters

Moneyfulness for mindfulness trainers

Moneyfulness for entrepreneurs

Highlights Moneyfulness

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The seven aiding factors from mindfulness are translated to moneyfulness.

The Money method will help you to improve your relationship with money.

This could be a quote or a full testimonial or even a short explanation about something

BANK management will structure your finances and make finacially stable and relaxed.