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More money & less stress?

Become mindfull about money and be happy with your bank account.

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No money and no stress; that's what puzzled me

My name is Michael Keet, I'm an entrepeneur and I invented Moneyfulness. But my business didn't always go well. At the end of 2017 I've hit rockbottom. Let me tell you what happened.

I was the owner of a company that developed accounting software for small business owners. Software development requires a substantial amount of money to set up in the first place, but it's never finished. I wanted to stay ahead of the competition. I kept on investing, because that's what you have to do first, revenues will follow, I thought. I ran out of money but wanted to finish the devopments that I started so I ended up with a debt of $ 60.000 at the end of 2017.

But I didn't experience money-stress, how is that possible? 

In the period 2014-2017 I've attended a lot of trainings and I've made the acquaintance of mindfulness. This one draw my attention,  I also wanted to learn how to be a mindfulness coach. (I'm Mindfuless Based Cognitive Therapy, MBCT certified).

Mindfulness was of great help to me, at that time especially. And suddenly all came together, Moneyfulness was born. It was so special that I couldn't keep it to myself, I had to share it with the rest of the world.

Michael Keet, inventor of


Living from paycheck to paycheck was very stressfull.

Never having enough money, robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month. I got sick and tired of this lifestyle. But I also didn't have a clue how to change my situation. 

Orginizing my finances is something I've tried for many times, but I always returned to my old spending habits. Then I ran into Moneyfulness. It's not only about saving and organizing your finances, it's also very important to have the right mindset and attitude towards money.

The combination of your mind and your money makes Moneyfulness unique in it's kind.

Marc Clasten

In moments I've saved almost $ 200 a month, hardly any effort



With Moneyfulness my attitude towards money changed from avoiding money to putting money to work for me.



Now I know where my inhibiting mindset came from, why it is like this and a way to change it to my benefit.



Become Moneyfull and stop MONEY-STRESS

There are three steps towards moneyfulness. Mindfulness techniques have been transformed into money topics. You can also complete the training and implement everything without the mindfulness exercises if you want to, but for the maximum effect if you incorporate them. The second step is your financial past, recognise your non-supportive spending patterns. The last step is to plan your bright financial future. 

  • This training wil bring you more money then it costs.
  • Imagine how your life will look like and feel like if you eliminate money-stress
  • You don't fall back into old non-supportive habits because your mind and habits are changed for good
  • You will actually have money and earn more money by putting your money to work
  • 10 % of all income is donated to charity that fights poverty
  • End money-stress and live the life you deserve

Money-stress will be something from the past

If you complete the training and give your money the attention it deserves, money-stress will soon be history. The moneyfulness is a video-training. It's supported by a workbook, audio files and excel files to make your life easier. The audio files are the mindfulness exercises, separate from the video's. The excel files are there to help you to organize your finances. Don't be scared, they are easy to use and protected so you can't do anything wrong. It all starts with your action.

You're worth it, your mind will tell you

If you think you're not worth is, there is something blocking your mind. There is enough money in the world, also for you. The only thing is that your not attracting it yet. There is a possibility that you have a conviction somewhere in your system that is not supportive to you. This conviction (ofte expressed by a saying) may be in your family for generations. IN the past perhaps supportive but not anymore. If your brain keeps on thinking the same things, nothing will change in your life. It's your job to change it and improve your life. You're worth it!

Your behaviour will support you

Everybody behaves in their special and unique way. Nobody is the same, and you can't even guess what the other one is thinking. Find out what kind of money type you are. If you recognise what type you are, your self reflecting qualities are fine. For every type there is money behaviour you ar good at, but ther are also money-pitfalls. If you know all this about yourself, you can take a look into your bank account and recognise the pitfalls. Just avoid your pitfalls in the future. (easiers said then done, start reducing the number of time you touch your pitfall)

Your finances organized

Finally your finances will be organized as well. You will be guided through the entire process. There are severel excel files that will support you. They are easy to use. You can't do anything wrong, the sheet is well protected. Don't be afraid of your money. Everything you give attention to grows, this is also the case with money.

Thought without action remain dreams. I don't want you to keep on dreaming, I want to help you with your finances. Take action! 

10 % of all income is donated to fight poverty

Moneyfulness is all about money. Therefore we are donating 10 % of all income to a variaty of projects and organisations that fight poverty. This can be a well in Nigeria, to the foodbank in the US or EU and to help people who need support temporaraly. Also financial education is important. No matter what age people are, your are never too old to learn. If you want to adress your project, please go to register and fill out the form.

100% savings guaranteed!

If you don't save more / earn more money then this training costs, you will get a free online one-hour coaching-session to find out what it is that is blocking you from earing your money back.

Direct acces to the online training!

Stop moneystress for yourself by following the online training and at the same time helping other people.

It's my mission to contribute to your happiness by ending moneystress.

I want to thank you for your support.